• To achieve the client’s requirements and aspirations for the required facility and to ensure that stringent quality standards are attained.
  • To manage the overall Professional process in a co-ordinated and pre-defined manner that is acceptable to the client.
  • To ensure that the client is aware of all facets of the project and impending problems from inception to completion.
  • To complete the project and deliverables within an agreed and defined programme and cost plan.
  • To maintain an evaluation of risk and to manage the risk throughout the project life cycle in order to ensure that the client’s
  • exposure is maintained at the absolute minimum in terms of cost and time.
  • To provide the client with a solution for their needs that reflects the lowest total cost of ownership for them.


Contact Details

Telephone: (012) 661 3600
Email: admin@moditi.co.za
Website: www.moditi.co.za

44 Stead Avenue
The Reeds


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